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The Corrugated Container Manufacturing Process
Authors: Jody A. Brittain, Stephen R. Perkins, and Philip G. Schnell


This comprehensive textbook describes the entire process of manufacturing corrugated containers. In addition to detailed explanations, the book also features practical troubleshooting tips, and a discussion of common problems and solutions within each major section.  This textbook is designed to provide in-depth explanations and information for professionals working in all areas of the corrugated containers industry.

Product Code:  0101R281

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Corrugated Defect / Remedy Manual, Sixth Edition
Editor: James T. Carbone


This manual provides a basis for common knowledge of terms, definitions, and methods of correction of corrugated operational defects. The manual illustrates and provides causes and remedies for hundreds of defects affecting corrugated boxes. The manual is divided into four parts: Corrugated Problems; Printing Problems; Die Cutting Problems; and Finishing and Manufacturers’ Joint Problems.

Product Code:  0101R153

Special Conference Price:  $95.00

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   Corrugated Adhesives Preparation, Fifth Edition
Edited by:  Craig E. Nordquist


This manual provides the box plant with a practical and useful tool to make better starch adhesives as well as see better bond quality. The manual also features the informative chapter, "Troubleshooting - Starch Adhesives and the Corrugated Bond". You are sure to find helpful information in all eight chapters included in this edition.

Contents of this manual include:  Introduction: A History of Corrugated Adhesives, Starchmaking Equipment, Specialty Products and Their Uses,The Bonding Process in Corrugated Board, The Quality Control of Starch Adhesives, Environmental, Health, and Safety Concerns, Troubleshooting – Starch Adhesives and the Corrugated.

"An informative book that is user friendly and is written so that it is easy to understand by the target audience—Corrugator foreman, starch men, and maintenance. It is a ’Must Have Book’ for anyone operating a corrugator and shouldn’t be allowed to sit in some manager’s book shelf! I recommend that the book be placed in the corrugator’s dry end control room where it will be used to trouble shoot problems as they occur."Richard J. Croker, Director of Technical Services, Georgia-Pacific Corporation

Product Code: 0101R301

Special Conference Price:  $90.00

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The Ultimate Roll and Web Troubleshooting Guide
Author: R. Duane Smith


The Roll and Web Defect Terminology book has received international recognition by web producing and converting industry experts as the most comprehensive reference guide available for troubleshooting roll and web defects.  It is an updated and expanded version of The Roll and Web Defect Terminology – 2nd Edition. This new edition has allowed updating and expanding on defects commonly found in paper and paperboard products and in the production and converting of nonwovens, films and laminations.

The book includes a glossary of over 3,000 terms commonly used in the paper formation, polymer extrusion, coating and converting industries. This glossary is the most extensive list of terms that has ever been compiled for these industries.

The book is broken into ten chapters which include chapters on:

Roll Defects – General Defects, Web Profile Defects, Edge Defects and Wrinkling Defects

Web Defects – Papermaking Defects, Calendering Defects, Coating Defects, Film Extrusion and Lamination Defects, Web Handling Defects and Slitting Defects

Each of the 224 defects has concise information which provides:  a description of the defect, an illustration of the defect, the synonyms or “Also Known As” terms commonly used, cross references for these synonyms in index, common causes of the defect, common remedies of the defect, other sources of information published on the defect

Quotes from industry experts that use this book include:

“This is a must have communication tool for suppliers and their customers to assist in the identification and elimination of roll and web defects.”

“This book is not just a dictionary on defects, but also gives practical and logical advice on what the cause of the problem is and how to stop it.”

Print Product Code: 0101R335

Electronic Product Code: 0101RWELECT

Special Conference Price:  $119.00

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Product Code: 0101RWELECTBUN

The Anilox Roll - Heart of the Flexo Process, Second Edition
Author: Joseph Trungale


Joe Trungale’s second edition, The Anilox roll – Heart of the Flexo Process, has been enhanced and contains an accurate historical review of the flexo printing process, anilox roll construction, information on the various methods of doctoring the ink such as rubber roll, doctor blade and the chambered doctor blade systems. While much has been written over the years about the use and care of anilox rolls, Trungale offers guidelines on cleaning anilox rolls and reviews the various cleaning methods currently being used in the industry.

Product Code:  0101R322

Special Conference Price:  $100.00

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More Than a Box – Box Plant 101
TAPPI PRESS in conjunction with Green Bay Packaging


Learn the corrugated manufacturing process from seedling to box. This self-paced instructional video takes you through each stage for producing a quality box. This must have resource includes comprehension questions to ensure students learn and understand the process.This video includes a view of a typical box plant, how a quality box is made, an overview of the corrugator and review of materials handling; recommended for new employee orientation as well as general promotion of the corrugated process.

Definitions and accompanying video clips including:  Double face liner, Medium (flute) and single face liner, Single, Double and Triple Wall, Corrugated Box, Wet End and Dry End, Five common flute sizes A-F, Hot Plate Slitter, Scorer and Cut off knife.

Online Video: Product Code: 0101R334

DVD:  Product Code:0101R338

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NEW – Handbook for Pulp and Paper Technologists, FOURTH Edition
Author: Gary Smook
Technical Editor: Michael Kocurek

The Handbook For Pulp and Paper Technologists (The SMOOK Book), is by far the best-selling text to introduce the entire technology of pulp and paper manufacture. The major objective of the fourth edition was to produce a readable, up-to-date, comprehensive textbook. The Fourth edition features include 90 new illustrations, updated chapters and discussions on latest technologies.

Product Code:  0202SMOOK4

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The Future of Global Corrugated Packaging to 2021

The Future of Global Corrugated Packaging to 2021, a new report from the experts at Smithers Pira, outlines the key trends affecting the future demand for corrugated materials.  After showing signs of recovery since the global economic crisis of 2009, the global corrugated market is projected to suffer from a combination of factors between 2016 and 2021. The factors contributing to the slowdown in growth over the medium turn include the downturn in China, the collapse of the oil price and growing unrest in the Middle East. Further, the industry continues to face on-going consolidation, with the latest merger of RockTenn and MWV creating a $15 billion global giant in containerboard production.

What will you discover?

• Key drivers shaping the future of the industry, including lifestyles, demographics and environmental issues. 

• The latest market developments and opportunities for the global packaging industry.

• How the global corrugated packaging industry is likely to develop and what that means for your business.

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